My name is Martin Schulz and for more than 20 years I am supporting you, my customers, by word and deed to achieve your goals.

From the beginning of my professional career (Martial Arts instructor and coach in semi-professional sports) up to this day as a freelance Trainer and Coach I gained experience and knowledge to live up to my vocation with know-how and individuality.

Stations of my education are two concluded studies (M.A. Ethnology/Sociology/Philosophy and Counsellor, ALH) and numerous certifications in the field of Training and Coaching (e.g. DVCT Business Coach & Business Trainer).

My own occupations within sales (B2B/B2C) and as manager have taught me respect for the numerous personal challenges in the modern day to day work life.

Particular learning experiences are my international projects, which allow me to successfully mediate between people and their goals all around the globe.

Personal experience always supersedes theoretical presentation. Paired with a healthy sense of humour and a fresh spark of provocative theory you will be enabled to digest and retain as many learning bits as possible.

The main field of my work is employee development in sales and leadership as well as target oriented design of trainings and coachings.

Utilizing an ever adapting collection „Best of“ instruments offers you the combination of a wide yet deep range of training methods and enables me to cater for your individual needs.